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NONAME is a french web agency who purposes several online contents in French and English languages since 1997.


06/30/09 - Game of Keno
Keno is a very ancient Chinese game of chance which is believed to have been invented during the Han Dynasty, around 200 BC.

10/13/08 - Video Poker casino games
Video poker is an electronic or computerized game played in casinos. Discover the principles and rules of this game so similar to a slot machine and become a Video Poker Champion!

06/25/07 - NONAME on Jameson Hosting
A presentation of NONAME web sites in english language on Jameson Hosting.

05/18/07 - Game of Boule
How to play to Casino game of Boule similar to Roulette.

05/13/07 - Hotel Blanville Paris
Hotel Banville, 4 stars, located in Paris within walking distance to Champs Elysees.

02/19/07 - Roulette casino game
history, presentation and rules of the European and American game of roulette.

02/13/07 - Pallets CP
palettes-cp.com is a site of information dedicated to the handling CP pallets used by the chemical industry.

12/29/06 - Poker Tournaments
how to register and to participate to an online poker tournament.

01/11/07 - Pallets Europe
site reference on the handling standard pallet Euro / EPAL: historical, information, design features, legislation.

01/02/07 - play slot machines
presentation, history of the manufacturers of slot machines or one arm bandits.

12/29/06 - play Blackjack
principles, rules and glossary of the card game played in a casino or online.

12/28/06 - Negoce Palette
Negoce Palettes ensures the purchase, the sale and the collection of new and second-hand handling pallets. All standards (CP, Pallet Europe, half pallets, case-pallets and palox) and on measurement, all quantities, all destinations.

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